I am a mom to a 3-year-old and a 15-month-old. I wanted to find a career that would allow me to stay home with my little ones so they would not have to go to daycare and I would not have to work even harder to be away from them to afford daycare.

Through a corporate America coworker I was able to learn about being a Virtual Assistant and I decided to try it – it was either that or Medical Transcription. I was already enrolled in a Medical Transcription course but found out that it was taking a lot of my time away from my family as I had to listen through my headset and really could not have anyone around me while I was doing it. This lead to me working very late nights and weekends while working my 40 hours during the week.

After awhile this just didn’t seem like I was going to get anywhere fast. So after a few months and my youngest was born – I connected with my coworker after my maternity leave and asked her again – how are you working from home – what does this mean – do you think I can really do it? I would love to say that between April 29th and today that the rest is history – but it really isn’t. I have worked really hard and literally have worked almost 24/7 to get my work-at- home business launched and successfully running – which I am proud to say everything has paid off – my time – my dedication – my kids are around me 24/7 and my husband helps me when we can as much as he can while he works his 40 hour corporate job.

What is even more amazing is I have connected with other business owners who have all provided me with one helpful tool or advice along the way. I have taken what they have told me and implemented it to help me or another client — so we can take our businesses to the next level. I have clients comment that they are so grateful that they connected with me, I am too! (We are all learning!)

I would like to be considered as a winner of the Leading Moms in Business Competition to share with other Moms that YES you can do this. With a website and hours at your computer you can start with making nothing to reaching that $500 a month mark to passing that and averaging over $1,600 a month in less than a year. That is where I am at today. My recent goal was to bring in $1,500 a month — now I will shoot for $2,000. I just keep moving forward with each day, each week and each month. So much to learn but every little bit has helped me along the way and I am just really grateful and very appreciative for these opportunities that I have. I really owe a huge thank you to my clients for allowing me to help them with their businesses because it allows me to keep moving forward and stay home with my kids.