I stumbled upon Leading Moms in Business – 2010 Competition through a newsletter that one of my client’s sent me. To learn more about a candidate takes a little bit of time. I wanted to answer 5 questions – so you knew who Staci Jansma was.

  1. How did you become Staci Jansma – Your Online 24/7 Virtual Assistant? It was when I was talking with my business partner, Tanya at WatsonVA.com. She was helping me to get my business started, launched and she encouraged me to find a business name to identify myself and separate myself from others. A business name… ummm… so I thought what about Your Online 24/7 Virtual Assistant.
  2. What is a typical day for Staci Jansma? Eat Breakfast – Work – Play with kids – Work – Lunch Time – Play with Kids – Supper Time. Finish up the day with any to-do list items and start review what will be done tomorrow.
  3. How did you become a Giant Squid in January 2010? I joined Rocket Moms in August 2009 and learned that you can have great lenses with quality and focus. Have a Focused niche Lens. Create great quality content. Through Rocket Moms I had the vision of creating 50 quality lenses – as you can tell I have created over 50 quality lenses and applied at the end of December for Giant Squid. In January I received the email that I was granted Giant Squid title and each of my lenses now receives a special boost!
  4. How are you known as WAHMCart Certified Virtual Assistant? I was trained by Co-Founder of WAHMCart.com, Regina Baker, and went through 4-5 weeks of training through each aspect of the Ecommerce Shopping Cart system including Autoresponder setup, Shopping Cart setup, Affiliate Program setup and integration with other systems (including Aweber and how to add WAHMCart to your WordPress.org website).
  5. Why should I vote for Staci Jansma as Leading Moms in Business – 2010 Competition? As a work-at-home mom, I want to demonstrate to other moms with determination and by being focused you can do this too. I have so much I can share with others – I have added all my Business Tips on my blog at CreativeVirtualSpark.com/Blog and recently I launched EcommerceQueen.comHow To Guides – Shows You Step-by-Step How To Get Things Done Online. The individuals with the most vote – doesn’t mean that they will be a winner but it surely shows how much support they have 🙂 In addition to the support — comments left by others is very encouraging and shows each contestant that their efforts have helped others. And that is truly rewarding!

June 12, 2010

Jenn says Staci does it all! I love how she hits the ground running every time. I don’t have to worry about things getting left behind or being incomplete. She always looks out for my best interests. Thank you Staci!