The Leading Moms in Business – 2010 Competition can really help you to gain exposure. WHY you may ask? Because you can blog about it, create a Squidoo Lens about it, Share it on Facebook, Tweet about it, talk about it on a forum that you have been a member on. Just by sharing this you can see how many people will vote for you and if someone leaves a comment – you can read what they have to say about you, your experience of working with them, etc. It is awesome – to read what other’s have to say and just adds more value to you – because you know you are doing a great job! Kudos to all the contestants during the 2010 Competition – Best of Luck!

Have you voted today? You can vote here… Again, Thank you!

June 8, 2010

Jendi says Staci has helped me with my business by doing work for me, but she helps even more by teaching me how to do the work. She has even passed on job leads to me. She truly cares and does her best. She amazes me how much she gets done.