I just feel so honored to be able to share this experience with each and everyone. The competition allows me to share my story and allow for everyone to vote for me. I am honored for each vote received but even more grateful for those that have left comments on my profile page for Leading Moms in Business. I will copy each of them and list them here on my blog so that way you can stay updated.

June 2, 2010

Catherine Mowbray Lorenz says Contestant Staci Jansma is a prime example of creating a viable business and making it a success, while having her priorities in line. She has made immeasurable contributions to me and my business, as a virtual assistant and I count on her to keep me focused and moving forward. When my son was younger, I also worked from home in various consultant capacities and I wholly support the stay-at-home-working mother, if you can possibly do it. The technology today supports this work and it is great to connect with bright, ambitious, successful women around the globe! Blessings!