Derecho 2020

August 17, 2020

In hearing that our insurance adjuster said we didn’t have enough for an insurance claim, I thought, we’ll that’s great. In seeing other business buildings and homes, it was good to know we didn’t have anything to worry about.

Boy was that an understatement when we had the week of rain in September. By September 18th we had to move out of our home…


Not enough for a claim

With my insurance adjuster, we walked the home with the 14 concerns I had listed out that we observed from the derecho that hit our home on Monday, August 10th around 12:30pm.

With telling the insurance adjuster our experience, he didn’t seem to worried and said, we’ll you know everyone had water come in and with the up to 140 mph winds.

When the insurance adjuster was done with his review which was less than 45 minutes from ringing door bell to heading into his vehicle to leave… I left it as I wasn’t okay with how the house just “is” if I can call it that. We had water come in and show up inside the house, I was concerned about the windows, but at the time didn’t really know or understand what that all meant.

I was also very concerned about the roof as we’ve had a roofing company tell us previously that there was some concerns. Of course, the insurance company denied our roof claim from the April hail damage and again on August 17th during the in-person review of the home from the derecho of the previous week.

Since then, we’ve been working with several companies to help repair our home:

  •  Swift Public Adjusters
  • Alliance Environmental Services – Moisture and Air Quality in September; Clearance Testing in November
  • 911Restoration – Mitigation
  • Rick Smith Construction – Roof
  • Brown’s Floor Care – Carpet/Pad installation and cleaning of Air Ducts and Walls/Ceiling
  • Pella – Windows
  • Molly Maid – Clean Floors and Deep Cleaning
  • Countryside LL – Contractor/Electrician work
  • TBD – Siding

What’s the status of our home?

It’s a work-in-progress, but moving along.

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