FAQ: Payment Gateway and WAHMCart.com – How does this work?

Will my customer be able to check out with a credit card?
What if they want the payment to come out of their bank account?
I only see PayPal on the checkout page and the customer is telling me they can only pay through their credit card and not through PayPal.

Example demonstrates:

  • Payment Gateway: PayPal.com
  • Ecommerce Solution (Shopping Cart, Autoresponder, Affiliate Program): WAHMCart.com

Let me guide you through a checkout process to help answer your questions. After watching this video, if your question remains unanswered please leave your comments/questions below.

PayPal Payment Wizard helps me invoice clients..

To invoice clients you have so many options:

First I tried to use Freshbooks – yes I love that Freshbooks automatically syncs with Outright which is what I use for income/expense tracking however their is a fee. My main thing is I am trying to reduce my monthly business expenses so I can keep moving forward and provide more income for my family – which is the purpose of my business.

So I stepped away from Freshbooks and checked out my other options… For the longest time I have been using Outlook for my email management system and I installed PayPal Payment Wizard which allows me to invoice a client with a click of a button. I click on the PayPalPaymentWizard and then I pick what I am requesting the money for – which is usually Service. Then I fill in the 4 lines including how much the invoice total is and then click Create! My invoice is then dropped right into a new email message from Outlook – And now ready to press Send Email for my client to receive my invoice.

The other thing I have done is taken the look of Freshbooks invoice and created an invoice myself – I would like to share this invoice with you. Feel free to customize it and use it how you need to.

Invoice Download here

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