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Towards the end of March – I switched my hosting from GoDaddy to MomWebs.

The best thing is I emailed Support at MomWebs before I purchased the plan to make sure they could handle what I needed. Since I needed to switch a few sites – I did not even know what they would need. Scott at MomWebs told me through an email exactly what I needed to provide MomWebs with so they could switch my sites. I was like – SWEET! I can provide them with my details and they can take care of this. Friday night I purchased my hosting plan, emailed Support the details and by Saturday Noon – all sites were switched. How about that.

MomWebs workes with cpanel and is easily installed and you could not even tell that my site was switched. Just loving MomWebs and I am sure you will too. I found out that the server and hosting options provided are better than GoDaddy and this was from a client that has their site on GoDaddy. We were talking and my client brought up her site to see GoDaddy details and I had my site up with MomWebs details – and I had a newer version of this and higher of that. I was like sweet, sweet, wow! this is just great.

I am sure you will be happy to – here is my affiliate link…

Tell MomWebs – Staci sent you!

Are you afraid to have a company that is called Mom Webs as your hosting plan?? If so I have an answer for you too… use MomWebs’ Brother company – Reliable Webs.

Get Reliable Webs Hosting Today!

If you have any questions about switching – leave them below.

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