1ShoppingCart Tip: Subscribe Clients To Multiple Autoresponders

E-zines, newsletters, e-mail series. All are smart, effective marketing tools, but signing up takes time and effort, especially since most opt-in forms are designed to subscribe your clients to only a SINGLE autoresponder for a specific purpose.

But wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to have that same opt-in form subscribe your clients to MULTIPLE autoresponders at the same time?

Thanks to 1ShoppingCart™, now there is — and it takes just three easy steps!

First, look for the following line in the form code (where “XXXXX” is the current autoresponder ID):

<input name=”defaultar” type=”hidden” id=”defaultar” value=”XXXXX”>

This line tells the form which autoresponder to subscribe your clients to. In order to allow for a multiple-autoresponder subscription:

  1. Delete any instances of the word “default.”
  2. Copy and paste the line to add as many autoresponders as you wish.
  3. Update the ID for each autoresponder.

For example, let’s say you wanted to subscribe your clients to three separate autoresponders after they fill out your opt-in form. Your form code would contain the following:

<input name=”ar” type=”hidden” id=”ar” value=”XXXXX”>
<input name=”ar” type=”hidden” id=”ar” value=”YYYYY”>
<input name=”ar” type=”hidden” id=”ar” value=”ZZZZZ”>

In this example, you’ll notice:

  1. Any reference to the word “default” has been deleted.
  2. Three duplicates of the line have been created in order to allow for three autoresponders.
  3. “XXXXX”, “YYYYY” and “ZZZZZ” represent the three updated autoresponder IDs, which you can get from 1ShoppingCart™.

In this example we listed three autoresponders, but using this simple method, you can easily subscribe your clients to two, five, or more!

It’s an easy, effective, smart way to get the most out of your marketing materials.

About Tyler Sorensen

Tyler Sorensen has been considered the 1ShoppingCart™ Expert for 8 years running. He gives you 1ShoppingCart™ Tips and Advanced Strategies that is very difficult to find around the web! Keep reading to maximize your 1ShoppingCart™ account and increase your shopping cart conversions! Original Source: http://www.1shoppingcartexperts.com/blog/subscribeultiple-autoresponders/

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